Cannaki Canadian Glacial Spring Water


Naturally Alkaline
+/- pH 8.4

CÁNNAKi® glacial spring water is bottled at the source along Canada’s rocky mountain glaciers to capture its original vitality and “Ki” life force energy perfected by nature, leaving the healthful minerals and electrolytes naturally high in alkalinity as mother earth intended.

Authentic Taste

The pristine water serves as an ideal accompaniment. The purity and naturally balanced mineral levels provide a smooth, refreshing taste that’s in a class of its own. The water displays a distinct clarity and a wonderful, mirror effect on the surface.

The unique softness of this water becomes evident the moment it hits the tongue as the water reveals a harmonious, neutral taste evoked by its subtle natural mineralization. With velvety smoothness, it glides down the throat, leaving no noticeable sensation lingering in the mouth.".

Available in Still, Sparkling and with Real Squeezed Fruit


Hemp + electrolyte boost for fast, effective rehydration. CÁNNAKi® Hemp Water contains omega-6 and omega-3 fats, all nine essential amino acids, plus 33% more electrolytes for days when you need fast rehydration and muscle support to help you recover quickly.

CANNAKI Hemp Water Electrolyte Boost


Sparkling mineral water with real squeezed fruit

Vibrant & Refreshing

Fizzy. Refreshing. Siriously Delicious. These are the words people use to describe CÁNNAKi® Sparkling mineral water made with REAL squeezed fruit.

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I Just Wanna Feel Good


Want to know the best part of mixology? The fact that anyone can give it a go. You don’t need to be a professional bartender or even a drinks connoisseur. With CÁNNAKi® sparkling mineral water, you can learn and practice making fun mixed drinks in your own kitchen.

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